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Vietnam Overview

Background and Demographic Data


With a population of 87 million, Vietnam is divided into 63 provinces with 712 districts. The HIV epidemic is characterized by high geographic and population variation, with an estimated 250,000 people living with HIV and 16-38,000 new infections annually. According to the Ministry of Health, injection drug use is the dominant route of transmission and the HIV prevalence in the general population is less than 0.5%


HIV Care and Treatment and Quality Improvement


Among the 63 provinces in Vietnam there are 314 outpatient clinics (OPCs) and 61,763 patients on active ART as of January 2012. Early quality improvement activities were limited to local implementation by individual non-governmental organizations without national coordination and leadership. Subsequently, the National AIDS Program launched a coordinated effort to emphasize QI in care and treatment services which was reinforced with the introduction of HIVQUAL-Vietnam in the Ministry of Health in 2010.
HIVQUAL-Vietnam Leadership

HIVQUAL-Vietnam is administered by a technical working group (TWG) under the leadership of the Ministry of Health/Vietnam AIDS Administration (VAAC). The HIVQUAL TWG consists of stakeholders from five international organizations and four government agencies/institutes, including VAAC, Provincial AIDS Committee (HCMC PAC), the Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPD), the Pasteur Institute, CDC, Global Fund, WHO, FHI360 and HAIVN.


Program Organigram

Data Profile