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Rwanda Overview



CDC-Rwanda began transitioning financial and technical responsibilities for HIV clinical services at 76 Health Facilities from international NGOs to MoH-Rwanda in 2010, with all transitioned by February 2012. Financial and clinical performance of transitioned sites is monitored every 6 months.



MOH-Rwanda and HEALTHQUAL developed a clinic-level QI program in March 2011 to help maintain the quality of clinical care.



  • Improve and sustain quality of HIV/AIDS clinical services at health centers and district hospitals.
  • Build national capacity in quality management
  • Integrate QI in the existing clinical mentorship system

QI team

  • Coordinates, monitors implementation
  • Selects sites for inclusion based on transition monitoring data & priorities of MoH

Phased approach to implementation

  • 9 sites in first phase, 15 more to be added in May 2012
Demographic Data
Population: ~10 millions
        (26,338 km²)
 Rural population: 83 % (DHS III, 2005)
Generalized HIV epidemic
3%  prevalence in general population
4.3%  among pregnant women 
Rapid scale up of HIV services 
367 PMTCT sites 
398  VCT sites 
283 ART sites
(Full package: VCT/PMTCT/ART)
On ART:75 023 (66.5% coverage)
Dr Sabin Nsanzimana
Head, HIV Division
Ministry of Health
Mr. Simon Pierre Niyonsenga
HIV Adolecent Care Specialist
Ministry of Health
Program Organigram