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Nigeria Overview


A UNAIDS report on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria cites an estimated 2.98 million people living with HIV/AIDS, second only to South Africa in the number of people living with HIV (app. 9% of the global HIV burden). High adult prevalence (3.6%), high prevalence among pregnant women (4.6%) has resulted in an estimated 2.175 million AIDS orphans in 2009.  
Demographic Data
• Population:  152 million
• HIV prevalence: 
-3.6% general adult population 
-2.98 million people living with HIV
-857,455 people eligible for ARV (Adult 754,375; children 103,080).
-336,379 per year (Males 149, 095; Females 187, 284)
-170,000 HIV related deaths per year
• TB/HIV prevalence: ~ 19% of TB patients have HIV
• Other pertinent Demographics: Nigeria is the 8th most populous country in the world
• Year Program Began: June 2007
• Scope: Adult HIV care and treatment with plans to expand to pediatric C&T, HCT and PMTCT.
• Number of facilities: 17 pilot facilities with 23 expansion facilities  (Comprehensive = 269; PMTCT = 472; HCT = 737)
Health System Infrastructure
In response to the national HIV/AIDS epidemic, Nigeria has operated a National Strategic Framework  (NSF) focused on prevention and behavior change to stem new infections; treatment; care and support for PLWHA; institutional infrastructure and resources; advocacy, legal issues and human rights; monitoring & evaluation; and research and knowledge management.


Dr. Adebobola T. Bashorun
QI Coordinator
Federal Ministry of Health
Dr Evelyn Ngige
National HIV Program Manager
Federal Ministry of Health
Program Organigram