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Launch of Zimbabwe's Quality Management Program Guide

The MOHCC has committed to providing equitable, appropriate, and accessible quality health services and achieve the goals of the National Health Strategy to increase coverage, access and utilization of affordable, comprehensive and quality health services.   


As a result, the MOHCC has set up internal structures to incorporate quality management functions and implement quality improvement as an approach to improving health care delivery services and outcomes in Zimbabwe.    


The guide outlines the MOHCC’s quality improvement program including the goals and objectives, the strategies that will be implemented, staff roles and responsibilities, what will be measured and the indicators to be used, and elaborates a process for ongoing evaluation and assessment of quality improvement activities for HIV and TB.


The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Develop a common mental model for quality that is aligned with national strategy
  • Describe the quality improvement methods the MOHCC is employing to measure and improve the quality of care of HIV Services 
  • Provide users a step by step comprehensive guideline to implementing a quality management program that is easily adapted for use in a broader sense.  
  • Provide practical guidance and reference materials on how to use health care data to improve HIV service quality of care and outcomes for PLHIV 

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